Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Great Man - Nelson Mandela RIP

Fear of falling asleep at gig


Cuddle Me!

Krampus V St. Nicholas

Mulled wine season is officially open!


Grown up commuters on push along scooters…

Clown Epidemic

What’s cooking Higella? Nigella Lawson

das Luftwoof

I'm David Bowie from down the road

Monday - you absolute c*nt!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Whoa… It’s a bit fucking cold innit?!

Oh, Mumma, can this really be… The End?

I have been called Dude about five times today!

It’s fab la!

It’s not dead… It’s just sleeping!

Did you know that Jesus had a birthmark that looked like a little bit like toast!

Let’s make like a banana… and get the fuck outta here!

Off to New Zealand in March!

I find your microwave very attractive!

I just want to be loved!

Chalk & Cheese

Dirty Henry… I suck on the first date… Another Valentines idea… Would you buy it for your Valentine?

Pour some sugar on me!

BOY… Some old dudes (in Brighton) know exactly what they want!

Gordon's Alive

23:49pm, 8th November 2018

Love Me!

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12:49pm, 5th November 2013

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21:37pm, 3rd November 2013

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21:45pm, 31st October 2013

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

BUY BUY BYE! If you haven't already - could you please re-blog this post with all your blogging chums... It would mean so much to me and my nearly ten month old baby who is forced to wear ill fitting baby clothes from inappropriate decades... It has nothing to do with my ambition to be the first illustrator in space! BUY BUY BYE x